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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 News: Why did Somadas leave?

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So recently we witnessed that bigg boss malayalam season 2 contestant, Somadas, had to leave the show.

In this post, we will talk about why did he leave the show and will he return back?

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 - Somadas

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 – Somadas

So as we know somadas entered the bigg boss malayalam house along with 16 other contestants. But suddenly bigg boss advised him to leave the show.

So the reason of him leaving the show was about his health.  Bigg Boss first asked him to come to the confession room where doctors tested his health and found out that he had high BP and cholesterol.

So later Bigg Boss advised him to discontinue the show and take care of his health. but Somadas was very upset leaving the show.

This is the reason why Somadas had to leave Mohanlal’s Bigg Boss show.

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